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General information

This new department is a special place where we surround our youngest patients with care and support parents by providing them with a friendly and family atmosphere. Highly qualified and experienced medical team, led by MD, PhD Janusz Witalis, a specialist neonatologist and pediatrician, care about safety and health condition of newborns after delivery and also about neonatal specialist treatment in life-threatening conditions.

The department of obstetrics holds a third level of reference, signifying the highest competence to care for the most difficult cases.

Depending on needs of the newborn, department provides:

  • taking care of a healthy child (rooming – in system)
  • neonatal intensive care for infants born in our hospital
  • neonatal intensive care for infants accepted from other hospitals of the Subcarpathian Voivodeship
  • mobile team - Ambulance "N" provides transport service for the whole Subcarpathian Voivodeship

Mother with a healthy child

Caring about the well-being of our patients, we use the rooming-in system, which means that every healthy newborn is with his mother for all the time. Father and the closest family members are always welcome guests on the ward - from childbirth until the minute you leave the hospital.

All nursing activities, medical examination and treatments are held by the mother. New mum can babysit for as long as she feels up to, but she can count on the staff at any time, who will take care of baby and will also provide help to mother and child. We promote the idea of breastfeeding from the very first moment, we learn techniques of getting baby latched on to the breast, we advise how to improve and maintain lactation properly, and how to take care of breast. Professional help in teaching breastfeeding on the ward is provided by certified lactation consultants.

We provide the implementation of compulsory vaccination and screening, including a hearing test to all newborn babies.

Intensive Medical Care

It is easier for the seriously ill children to survive the first, most difficult weeks of their lives if they are provided with the necessary care - first-class medical services supported by modern life-saving equipment. Medical care on the ward sometimes lasts even four months, depending on the degree of the immaturity of a child and numerous health problems that are observed in premature infants. For our team, they are unique, delicate and sensitive patients. This small, sometimes barely visible among the labyrinth of drips, drains and catheters human being is the most defenseless, never complaining, but demanding a great respect person. Any ethical standards of conduct acquire special power here.

Each station of neonatal intensive care is equipped with: incubator, medical ventilator, vital signs monitor (heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, body temperature), a set of infusion pumps and necessary disposable accessories.

Modern and comprehensive equipment of the department is used to save the severely ill newborns, including premature babies with very low birth weight.

Department of Neonatology has a separate room with a laminar flow cabinet, where there are fluids to nutritional therapy prepared. The department has also: bedside X-ray apparatus and ultrasound machine to diagnose a newborn with a comprehensive software that allows diagnosing of malformations.

The scope of medical care

  • diagnostics and treatment of infants born prematurely with low (LBW), very low (VLBW), extremely low (ELBW) and incredibly low birth weight,
  • the use of various invasive and non-invasive methods of respiratory support,
  • diagnosis and treatment of metabolic disorders of neonatal period,
  • diagnosis and treatment of perinatal infections in newborns,
  • diagnosis of congenital malformations and post-operative care after surgical correction of defect,
  • diagnosis and monitoring of functional disorders of neonatal period


In our daily work, we use most of practised in the world, modern diagnostic and therapeutic methods, including:

  • surfactant therapy,
  • various methods of mechanical ventilation and respiratory support,
  • echographic monitoring of circulatory system,
  • respiratory kinesitherapy, which shortens the time of mechanical ventilation,
  • early mother-child contacts and "Kangaroo Mother Care",
  • a wide panel of medical tests in diagnostic imaging: radiology, ultrasonography, echocardiography, CT, MRI,
  • early stimulation of development

Rehabilitation of Children

Our ward is the only place in the Subcarpathia, where our youngest patients, from the first days of their lives are subjected to rehabilitation using Vojta method and NDT Bobath. These two are leading rehabilitation methods of infants and small children with developmental disorders. After leaving the hospital, parents have the option to continue child's therapy by meeting with physiotherapists in the Specialist Clinic.

School for Parents

All new parents whose children staying in the Department of Neonatology are invited to a free meeting with our experts as part of the School for Parents. During the meeting, head of the Department - MD, PhD Janusz Witalis and physiotherapists - Joanna Jędrzejek and Agnieszka Dębosz, support parents by providing them with important information about the stimulation of child's development, and also about proper care, consistent with the principles of modern pediatric rehabilitation.

We invite parents on Mondays and Thursdays at 2:15pm, and parents of premature babies on Fridays at 12:30pm. Meetings are held on the second floor in the hospital.

The ambulance as a small hospital ward

On the ward, we hospitalize children from the whole Subcarpathian Voivodship. Our neonatal ambulance is equipped with modern medical equipment of the highest class. As a result, we have a possibility to transport children from other medical centers, even children in a very severe condition and we can accept them to the Department of Neonatal Intensive Care.

The ambulance is equipped with transport incubator of a new generation and other equipment used to save lives, including a medical ventilator, infusion pumps for the administration of drugs, defibrillator. Inside the ambulance, small patients are looked after as on the intensive care unit. Ambulance 'N' is supported by the medical team of neonatologists, midwives and nurses and it provides a transport service for the whole Subcarpathian Voivodship.

Our team

Head of department

  • MD, PhD Janusz Witalis, a specialist of neonatology and paediatrics

Chief Midwife

  • Dorota Sopylak, neonatal nursing specialist


  • MD Elżbieta Homa
    Specialist of neonatology and paediatrics
  • MD AnetaMiga
    Specialist of paediatrics
  • MD Małgorzata Nowak-Plęs
    Specialist of neonatology, paediatrics and medical rehabilitation
  • MD Barbara Ossolińska-Piwek
    Specialist of neonatology, paediatrics, anesthesiology and intensive care
  • MD Anna Powrózek
    Specialist of neonatology and paediatrics
  • MD Ewa Pszeniczna
    Specialist of neonatology and paediatrics
  • MD Anna Terpin
    Resident of neonatology during specialization
  • MD Andrzej Zawora
    Specialist of neonatology and paediatrics
  • MD Marek Mędrek
    Specialist of paediatrics, during specialization in neonatology
  • MD Monika Misiąg-Pajda
    During specialization in neonatology
  • MD Karolina Starzomska
    During specialization in neonatology





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