Helpline: +48 17 773 57 10

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Helpline: +48 17 773 57 10
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Specialist Clinics’Registration:  +48 17 773 57 21
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Child zone

The Child Zone in Specialized Hospital PRO-FAMILIA consists of three departments:

Our zone is a unique place in the center of which there is a child and its needs, it was designed for the comfort and well-being of our youngest patients. Children's departments in our hospital are not only the attentive care of experienced doctors and nurses, homely atmosphere, but also a partnership-based approach to parents who have the right to permanent presence with their ill child.

Staying in the Child Zone means:

  • Friendly and homely atmosphere
  • 2 bed rooms with bathrooms - for children and parents
  • Guaranteed 24 hour presence of one parent or guardian with the ill child
  • We have prepared a comfortable folding beds for the parents who wish to stay overnight with the ill child
  • We have created for children a colorful and spacious leisure room where they can have a good time, playing or reading a favorite books

Child Zone has a full laboratory facilities with the access to biochemical, microbiological and morphological tests and also medical imaging.



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