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Helpline: +48 17 773 57 10
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For Patients

Admission to treatment or surgery

Admission to treatment or surgery

If you have received a referral to the operation from your doctor, please make an appointment at the reception for the qualifying examination.

Along with the referral, we ask you to bring valid test results (listed below) and a note of vaccination against Hepatitis B (2-dose). Qualifying examination will be conducted by a head of the department or the referring physician, who at the same time will determine the nature and a scope of the planned operation, will set its date and define the method of preparation. The proper admission to hospital will be on the day of surgery.

The simplified procedure of admission applies to so-called "small" gynecological procedures (curettage, removing the polyp, biopsy of the cervix, electroconization, diagnostic hysteroscopy). In this case, the date will be set by the referring physician.

Please remember not to take any food or drinks on that day, and to take with you the results of the necessary tests (listed below).

A list of tests required to planned gynecological surgeries:

  • blood group (original document with current personal data)
  • complete blood count
  • glucose
  • electrolytes (Na, K)
  • urea or creatinine
  • Chest X-ray (over 65 years)
  • tumor markers (Ca 125, Ca 15-3, Ca 19-9) - patients with adnexal tumors

Please bring with you:

  • ID card
  • referral to the hospital
  • qualifications for the procedure (if any)
  • latest test results
  • information cards from the previous hospitalizations (if any)
  • notes from specialist doctors: a neurologist, cardiologist - for patients with chronic treatment
  • pyjamas, bathrobe, slippers and toiletries


Valid vaccination against Hepatitis B (2-dose) is required for all planned procedures and operations.

Patients without a valid result of blood group, please report to the lab a few days before the planned surgery, in order to make a test.

The lack of blood group result or other important information of the existing treatment may cause no surgery.



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