Helpline: +48 17 773 57 10

Important phone numbers
Helpline: +48 17 773 57 10
Main Registration:  +48 17 773 57 00/01/02
Specialist Clinics’Registration:  +48 17 773 57 21
Admissions: +48 17 773 57 03
Dentistry:  +48 17 773 57 57/58/59
Pro-FamiliaPharmacy:  +48 17 773 57 22
Pro-Familia Medical Store:  +48 17 773 58 95
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In the modern Endoscopy Laboratory at our hospital we carry out research on the diagnosis and treatment of changes in the gastrointestinal tract.


At the colorful and friendly ward,
doctors provide a medical care
to our special patients
in the field of most child's ailments
and diseases.

Fall in love with the natural...

Our wards: Gynecology and Obstetrics and Neonatology with Intensive Medical Care hold a third level of reference. It means that we have the highest competence and we are prepared to care for the most difficult cases.

Child Zone is opened!

Children's departments of PRO-FAMILIA Hospital is not only the attentive care of doctors and nurses, but also a partnership-based approach to parents who have the right to permanent presence with their ill child.

Children’s rehabilitation...

Get to know us and learn more about the world's valued ways of children's rehabilitation - Vojta method and NDT Bobath - that we use with our youngest patients from the first days of their life.

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Subcarpathian Obesity Treatment Center in the PRO-FAMILIA Specialist Hospital in Rzeszów is the only center in the Subcarpathian region comprehensively involved in the surgical treatment of obesity. The center also provides comprehensive nonoperative treatment - adults and children.

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Dentistry at PRO-FAMILIA is a comprehensive and prophylactic dental care for adults and children. 



A wide choice of medicines and dietary supplements. We invite you to Stationary or Internet Pharmacy.


Medical store

We guaranteea wide range ofthe best productsfor infants, children, pregnant womenandmothers.


Café & Restaurant PRO-FAMILIA

We invite you to PRO-FAMILIA Cafe & Restaurant, which is located on the hospital grounds, next to the main registration. The cafe serves aromatic coffee with delicious cakes, while the restaurant offers tasty and healthy meals.

Non-invasive methods of treatment

Non-invasive methods of treatment

An integral part of the hospital is the Research and Development Center of non-invasive therapeutic methods. As a result, for the first time in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe, studies are being conducted over innovative method of treatment of uterine fibroids, by using ultrasonic thermo ablation, which is used successfully in a number of recognized medical centers around the world.

The free magazine PRO ZDROWIE

The free magazine PRO ZDROWIE

PRO ZDROWIE is a free magazine about medicine and healthy lifestyle, which in view of their patients is periodically prepared by doctors and specialists from the PRO-FAMILIA Hospital.




Specialized Hospital PRO-FAMILIA
Witolda Street 6B
35-302 Rzeszow, Poland

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